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Female Salary

When it comes to careers for women, it was normally stability that was given precedence over salary. What are those high paying jobs?
There has been a gradual shift from the traditional careers for women like nurse, dental assistant, etc to non-traditional and alternative posts like general practitioners, dentists, etc. When we talk about the best paying careers for women today, we easily notice that the field of medicine is dominating the charts. No wonder such an important job is paid so well.
Human resources in larger firms is another attractive field where women dominate and earn a good pay package. The Fashion industry has always attracted women. Traditional jobs which women used to hold required little educational requirements in many cases. People may question the claims made by the book but the wage gap between women and men has actually widened between 1990 and 2003. It also showed that on an average, women are paid 23% less than men are. A different survey also showed that when people were asked how much women should earn compared men, respondents said that 80 cents to a man's dollar was fair wage for a woman. Ironically, only a few respondents said that women's salaries should be equal to men's. The difference in wage gap translates into bigger problems for women. Sometimes, these lost wages have meant bankruptcy for women. Women also need to be more aware of the wage gap by finding out how their male counterparts are making in the same job,
Here's an excerpt from an article about women and their uneasiness with power...including salary negotiations :
"If women were to negotiate on behalf of themselves as much as men do, they would advance as quickly as men and eliminate the under-representation of women in the top ranks of the organization."

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